what's new ?

I'm a retired programmer.
Recently, I became able to face the PC again, and I remembered that someone said, "There are few games that visually impaired people can play."
So I made some games.
All of them are freeware.The concept I have is "games that can be played by sighted people and visually impaired people at the same level."
You can play them on Windows 7 or later.
It might be difficult to provide solid user support for some reasons of myself. But if you like, please try to play them.

These are the above five.
They will display help with the F1 key, so read the help files first.
In games other than the GenjiChord, sound is an important factor to determin the position. However, they do not use surround sound. If you have normal sound device, you can play them with a notebook PC.
However, visually impaired people may have removed the mouse.Only the 4th "Noisy Mole" requires a mouse or a pointing device such as an electrostatic pad to play. A cheap item of a few dollars is enough.
I hope there is something you like.( June 2022, Kazuhiro KITO).