Blindfold Batting(BFBatting)
Image for Gmame view

[Blindfold Batting]

This is a falling type game.
Please hit back the falling balls relying on sounds that they make.
The image on the left shows the gaming view.In this state, you can get only lower points.Basically you need to play the game without the gaming view.
Let me give you an example of playing with sounds.

Move the bat to the position where the ball will fall (if it is exactly the same, the ball will hit you, so you need to shift the bat by one pitch), and it hits back at the right timing.
As the stage goes up, the ball speeds up and curves too.

The latest version is 1.0.0.(Released in June 2022)
You can play this game on Windows 7 or later.
There are 32-bit version and 64-bit version.(The 32-bit version works on 64-bit Windows, but considering memory efficiency, those using 64-bit Windows should download the 64-bit version.)

[Caution] I'm sorry for that distributions don't have digital certification.
Security warnings will be issued when downloading and executing a distribution.
Pleas pardon.

Download of BFBatting of 64bit version
Download of BFBatting of 324bit version