Image for Gmame view


The game name is a combination of the music chord and the falling type game Tetris.
The ball playing a music chord is falling down. Please catch it in a basket, but you can't catch it unless you go directly under the ball and play the same chord as the ball.
If you fail to catch the balls, the balls will pile up from the floor, and if they pile up to the ceiling, the game is over.
The image on the left shows the game view closed.Only the balls that you missed are displayed. There is one firework up, because this is the moment when the receipt was successful.
The success or failure of receipt will be announced by voice.If it fails, it also tells you if the basket was in the wrong position (the pitch was different) or if the chord was wrong.
When you open the game view, you can play while watching the falling ball, but in that case the score will be low.
Let me give you an example of playing with sounds.

I'm groping for a place where the pitches match, and then I put in a pause to stop the ball falling and check whether the chords are matching.

The latest version is 1.0.0.(Released in June 2022)
You can play this game on Windows 7 or later.
There are 32-bit version and 64-bit version.(The 32-bit version works on 64-bit Windows, but considering memory efficiency, those using 64-bit Windows should download the 64-bit version.)

[Caution] I'm sorry for that distributions don't have digital certification.
Security warnings will be issued when downloading and executing a distribution.
Pleas pardon.

Download of Chordris of 64bit version
Download of Chordris of 32bit version