Noiay Mole
Image for Gmame view

[Noisy Mole]

This is a Whac-A-Mole game.
The image on the left is a normal stage.
The position of the holes changes from game to game, but each hole has its own sound, and when the mole sticks out its head, it makes that sound.
You can hit the mole relying on that's sound. However, with this, it turned out to be a game like a sound test.(For those with a sharp sense of pitch, that might be fun)
So I made blindfold stages.
The game view would be hidden in blindfold stages. Sounds indicating the positional relationship between the mouse pointer and the mole is emitted periodically.Please move the mouse pointer relying on those sounds to the position where the mole is sticking out so that you could hit the mole.
At any stage, if you miss a certain number of moles, the game is over.

The latest version is 1.0.0.(Released in June 2022)
You can play this game on Windows 7 or later.
There are 32-bit version and 64-bit version.(The 32-bit version works on 64-bit Windows, but considering memory efficiency, those using 64-bit Windows should download the 64-bit version.)

[Caution] I'm sorry for that distributions don't have digital certification.
Security warnings will be issued when downloading and executing a distribution.
Pleas pardon.

Download of NoisyMole of 64bit version
Download of NoisyMole of 324bit version